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Crankshaft Services

Crankshaft Repair and Dynamic Balancing for all Harley Davidson ® V-Twin applications.

Revolution Crankshaft / Flywheel Sevices

Recondition your crankshaft to better than new conidition.

Once your crankshaft arrives:

  • Serialize your crankshaft to your order
  • Check current specs of your crankshaft
  • Dissasemble and fully inspect all parts
  • If rods are unable to be used, an upgrade h-beam stlye option is available
  • All flywheels are re-assembled with a new crank pin, connecting rod bearings and pinion race (Twin Cam crankshafts are pressed together, Evolution and older style crankshafts are treated the same, but bolted together)
  • Once assembled, crankshaft is true, plugged and welded to ensure stability
  • Balancing and lightening services are available upon request using state of the art equipment, such as the ultra-high end Sunnen ® DB750 dynamic balancing machine
  • Balancing service requires:

    - Pistons weight

    - Piston pin and clips weight

    - Piston ring weight

    *If these weights are not provided, it will cause a delay in the work and extend the turn around time*

    The Revolution Performance shop is equipped with state of the art technology machinery to offer you quality services, at the most affordable cost. We have the expertise, equipment and commitment to service your crankshaft. We look forward to servicing your engine parts!

    Contact us now for more information!

    Core crankshafts may be available for your application. Call us to find out more at 1-866-892-2109.

    For more information on Revolution Performance’s warranty, click HERE.

Description Price (U.S.)
Crank Disassembly and Inspection $70.98
Inspect, True, Plug, and Weld Twin Cam Flywheel (Labor Only) $174.95
Inspect, Balance, True, Plug and Weld Twin Cam Cranks (Labor Only) $494.95
Inspect, Lighten, Balance, True, Plug, and Weld Twin Cam Cranks (Labor Only) $595.95
Balance & True Bolt Together Flywheel 1999 & Earlier XL (Labor Only) $354.90
Balance, True, Plug, and Weld 2000-Up XL/Buell Flywheel (Labor Only) $434.95
True EVO/ XL Bolt Together Flywheel (Labor Only) $159.95
Balance & True EVO Flywheel Assembly (Labor Only) $349.95
Replace Wrist Pin Bushings - 2 BUSHINGS INCLUDED $84.00
Sprocket Shaft Repair (2007-Up Twin Cam Flywheel) $105.00
True, Weld, and Plug brand new crank shaft assembly ONLY (No inspection required on brand new crank from factory $119.95
Pinion Shaft and Cam Plate Repair *Customer must send cam plate with* $274.95

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