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Our Accelerator podcast can be subscribed to in the iTunes Store and many other podcast directories online. You can also see them on YouTube. Send us suggestions for our future podcasts.

Crankshaft Inspection

A look at our process for inspecting the crankshafts we receive prior to service.

Cylinder Head Service

Revolution Performance discusses cylinder head services.

Cleaning Your Revolution Cylinders

Andrew Dellenbach takes you through the procedure and reasons for properly cleaning new Revolution Cylinders before installation.

Connecting Rods

Andrew discusses the damage that can happen to connecting rods.

Cometic Gaskets for Our Big Bore Kits

Andrew discusses changes made to the Cometic gaskets we use with some of our big bore kits.

Big Bore Kits and Nickel Silicon Carbide Plating

Andrew goes over the Revolution Performance Big Bore Kits and discusses some of the characteristics and benefits of the kits and of Nickel Silicon Carbide plating.

The Benefits of Crankshaft Service

We outline the reasons why you would want to balance and true your crankshaft.

The Best Way to Ship Your Crankcase

Andrew demonstrates the best way to package a crankcase for shipping to us.

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