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XB12 88in Piston Kit

These piston kits for XB12 88” are part of an ongoing commitment to keep improving the quality and performance of Revolutionís products and services. They are manufactured by Wiseco to meet our design and standard of quality.

Specific features of the new piston are:

  • Auto-Fit Coating™-a patent pending, permanently bonded, moly based coating process designed to last for the life of the piston
  • Applied to 30 micron thickness allowing for tight piston to sidewall clearances for ultra quiet operation.
  • Gas nitride coated rings for ultimate compatibility with NSC plated bores
  • Over 2,000 hours of durability testing to insure the quality of the pistons
These pistons are among the best in the market, offering superior ring seal, bore compatibility, quiet running and overall lifespan durability.


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