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Shipping Parts

This is not how to package a part for shipping to us:

poor packing photo

See our podcasts about proper packaging for shipping and the guidelines below.

Shipping parts to us safely and securely is a very important part in the process of placing your order and receiving your parts back on time. Improperly packaged materials create the potential for damaged parts and increased down time. Along with secure packaging we encourage purchasing shipping insurance for the replacement costs of any parts you are sending in to us. We highly recommend the use of courier services such as UPS and Fed-Ex. We generally ship orders out of our facility through these two shipping providers.

We also ask that any bottom ends that are sent in be completely disassembled of their lifter blocks, cam chest assemblies (unless we are servicing the parts) and drained of all oil. Essentially, we want the crank and case. Any parts that need to be disassembled will be subject to additional disassembly fees. Leftover oil will also be subject to disposal fees.

Please check out our Podcast Video on proper shipping hints and instructions for a better idea of how to be confident that your parts will arrive to us safely. Revolution Performance will not begin work on any incoming parts that are found to be damaged or defective. You will receive a call and, if necessary, an emailed photo of your parts right out of their packaging. Customers are responsible for all incoming shipping insurance claims.

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